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Understanding Body Language is Your Absolute Must

Not so long time ago, I decided to improve my social skills. And while those involve a lot of public speaking, they also involve being able to better deliver our ideas in non-verbal ways. In other words, speaking and understanding body language is crucial.

I have always known that body language plays quite a significant role in communication, but because I have never really had any reason to analyse it any deeper, I knew nothing of the actual techniques and methods. Long story short, I bought a small book from Amazon on the subject of understanding body language that did a pretty good job in teaching some of the basics. As a result, in this post I want to share some of the key points that I picked up from the book.


26 Best Productivity Apps That Will Help You Achieve

To be productive and to manage time well, there is a number of tips that we can make use of, some of which I talk about in my Youtube video. On the other hand, you can go one step further by using the available productivity and time management apps. So, after some careful research, I finally made that list of what I see to be as the 26 best productivity apps. Here I share their prices, descriptions, and my own brief comment on them. I really hope that this list can benefit you in taking your productivity to a whole new level – the stratosphere. Enjoy!


Cheap Travel: How Travelling Changed My Life

Being able to travel the world easily is truly an accomplishment of the modern society. Unfortunately, many of us take it for granted and are missing out on it. I personally haven’t yet seen the whole world, but the places that I have gone to have allowed me to mature in a number of different ways. I believe that travel, especially cheap travel, is one of the most efficient ways to experience life and expand the mind. Why? I’ll tell you why, and then I’ll give a few tips on how to make it is as cheap as possible. Just be sure to stay with me until the end.


Procrastination: A Simple Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating Today!

Many of us can agree that one of the biggest evils of life is procrastination. It is that what hinders us from going to the store to get food, cleaning up the apartment, visiting our parents, searching for work, responding on time to our loved ones, brushing teeth, doing homework, preparing for a meeting, etc. As a result, it impacts the overall quality of life.


Taking Action and Achieving the Unachievable

Many of you have probably heard people talk about taking action and why it is crucial in the achievement of goals. Today, following the concept of taking action has almost become like a religion of its own, like a clan that you can join solely for the purpose of taking action together. There are probably thousands of business coaches that have devoted themselves to teaching this concept to others. And while it may seem like common sense to some people, or another business coaching cliché to others, believe it or not, it is what most people lack.