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How the Right Thoughts Can Help to Preserve a Long-Lasting Healthy Relationship

As we begin dating someone new, we get into what I like to call the “sugary” phase of a relationship. This phase is all about emotions and feelings (and love hopefully), and has very little rational mind to it. It feels like a dream that will never end. This is especially the case for young couples that are just getting into their first relationship.

As time passes, the chemistry starts to fade away, and this is where real hard work comes into play. A long-lasting relationship is not all about romance and physical love, but also about learning to trust the other person, being beside them when they need us most, listening, understanding and respecting them, making sacrifices for them, and many other. If these qualities are not met, it probably isn’t a healthy relationship.


Happiness Exercise One: Awareness and Gratitude

As I was leaving my brother’s place, I felt a little sad and depressed, a lack of happiness in my life. I had visited him to watch the ice hockey world cup semifinal game, where Russia had lost. This wasn’t in any way a big loss for me personally, but my mood was a little off. Many of you sports fans can relate to this, I am sure. Long story short, it was getting late and I took off home. As I walked out of the building that my brother lives in, I noticed that I felt a little empty. I can’t say that everything is perfect in my life at the moment, and just like with everyone else, if I choose to, I can get sad over very many things in a matter minutes. I chose not to.