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Understanding Body Language is Your Absolute Must

Not so long time ago, I decided to improve my social skills. And while those involve a lot of public speaking, they also involve being able to better deliver our ideas in non-verbal ways. In other words, speaking and understanding body language is crucial.

I have always known that body language plays quite a significant role in communication, but because I have never really had any reason to analyse it any deeper, I knew nothing of the actual techniques and methods. Long story short, I bought a small book from Amazon on the subject of understanding body language that did a pretty good job in teaching some of the basics. As a result, in this post I want to share some of the key points that I picked up from the book.


What Should a Vegetarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Diet Consist of

Even though I don’t think that being a vegetarian influences too much your ability to grow muscles, the Internet is packed with questions regarding bodybuilding and vegetarianism. One of the most common questions that I come across is “what should a vegetarian bodybuilding or fitness diet consist of?” To be honest, the answer to this question is quite straightforward. There are a few basics that we should keep in mind, some of which I already explain in How to Lose Weight Guide: 5 Universal Truths About Weight Loss.


How to Control Anger and Hate Towards Other People – Living Aware

The path of self-development is definitely not the easiest one to pursue. There are literally hundreds and thousands of things that should be changed within us. We realise that to be successful we should be more confident, brave, productive, etc. But what about the deeper self that we might have missed out on? What about all of those thoughts that confuse, irritate and anger us at others? Do they not slow down our development? In fact, when we go down the path of success and virtue, we may easily be misled into thinking that we are better than others. We begin to separate people into those that are with us, and those that are against us. Anger or hate becomes a common state of mind. And because I find this to be such a harmful quality to have, in this post I will talk about how to control anger and hate towards other people.


26 Best Productivity Apps That Will Help You Achieve

To be productive and to manage time well, there is a number of tips that we can make use of, some of which I talk about in my Youtube video. On the other hand, you can go one step further by using the available productivity and time management apps. So, after some careful research, I finally made that list of what I see to be as the 26 best productivity apps. Here I share their prices, descriptions, and my own brief comment on them. I really hope that this list can benefit you in taking your productivity to a whole new level – the stratosphere. Enjoy!


How the Right Thoughts Can Help to Preserve a Long-Lasting Healthy Relationship

As we begin dating someone new, we get into what I like to call the “sugary” phase of a relationship. This phase is all about emotions and feelings (and love hopefully), and has very little rational mind to it. It feels like a dream that will never end. This is especially the case for young couples that are just getting into their first relationship.

As time passes, the chemistry starts to fade away, and this is where real hard work comes into play. A long-lasting relationship is not all about romance and physical love, but also about learning to trust the other person, being beside them when they need us most, listening, understanding and respecting them, making sacrifices for them, and many other. If these qualities are not met, it probably isn’t a healthy relationship.