It’s not a secret that we often get judged by our appearance. The way we look, act, talk and even smell, are the first things through which others will experience us. And while in the long run, people may change their opinion about us towards the better or worse, it can be quite important to make that first positive impression, especially in situations, such as a job interview. In fact, many studies have shown that professionalism is commonly judged by appearance.

Due to the importance of this topic, I have put together a guide of how to be attractive. These are the 15 steps you need to make sure you are taking in order to create a positive image of yourself.

1. Fitness

The first step towards understanding how to be attractive lies in exercise.

Everything starts with the basics. If you want to be more attractive, learn to take care of your body.

Exercise is a must for all people. Apart from you becoming more healthy, happy and fit, other people will also be more attracted to you. Your effort will be noticed by your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, and workplace, too.

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2. Smell

One thing that can be very repelling is a bad odor. Maybe you get sweaty, maybe you haven’t eaten in a while, or maybe you can’t remember when you have last time washed your clothes!

Remember, smell is one of those things that we can really easily get used to, which at the same time, can be really hard to cope with for others. Solution? Perfume, deodorants, chewing gum and clean clothes.

3. Clothing

The clothes you wear is also very important. Different situations require different outfits.

You can’t, you just can’t put on a suite and have sneakers on at a classy event… although many people do it.

Some people have a difficult time understanding when to put on what. If you are one of those people, then do some research or ask someone for help. Just make sure you look the right way when you need to. Looking untidy in the wrong situation can really take away from your success in finding a new job, getting a loan, finding a new partner, etc.

Your style is very important if you want people to appreciate you more. Unless you are as famous as Donald Trump or Brad Pitt, people will judge you first and foremost by your outfit.

4. Sleep

The fourth tip on how to be more attractive concerns your sleep.

No matter how hard you try, if you don’t sleep enough, you will be less alert, more prone to make mistakes, and more importantly, there is nothing you can do to make those two blue bags under your eyes smaller.

A person that gets enough sleep is an active person, an alive person. These are the qualities that are also very attractive.

5. Teeth

Getting teeth fixed can be expensive. And although always worth it, not everyone can afford it. However, oftentimes, having dental issues isn’t even the problem. Having yellow teeth is!

I know people that are simply too lazy to brush teeth. Some people brush teeth for 10 seconds, some do it only once a day, and some don’t even do that. The result is cavities and yellow teeth.

Make sure your brush your teeth daily, twice a day, spending at least two minutes on it. This way you will make sure you are getting the dental hygiene that you need.

If you want to take it one step further, brush teeth every time after you eat. Alternatively, chew some chewing gum, but not one of those sugary ones meant for kids. 🙂

6. Body language

The sixth tip on how to be more attractive concerns your body language.

Body language is extremely important. What’s really interesting about it is that it isn’t only for experts to judge you by. Instead, we all perceive each other’s body language subconsciously. This means that you can be moving your hands in a certain way, and without knowing it, you may be attracting or repelling the other person. Simultaneously, the other person will just “feel” a certain way about you, without actually understanding what’s causing it.

Since body language can have such an effect on us, why not become more aware of it and use it for our benefit?

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7. Vocabulary

Some people could do a lot better if only they were able to speak in a more sophisticated manner.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people like Gary Vaynerchuk can and do swear. Swearing is a part of their image. But most of us are not famous, and we, therefore, should be able to present ourselves in an attractive way when necessary.

You don’t have to speak all the time like you are Shakespeare, but knowing when to turn on the intellect and speak with class can be of much help to you. The best way to accumulate the vocabulary is through reading books.

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8. Smiling

When you smile at people, people will smile back. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t have to create a fake smile and use it all the time, even when you are in pain. No, instead, learn to be more positive. Enjoy all of the little things in life. Smiling will then come naturally to you.

You will also be surprised by how many more new positive relationships you can make by allowing yourself to smile at others.

9. Being a good listener

How to Be More Attractive in 15 Steps 3

Have you ever talked to a person that was constantly interrupting you and seemed not to care about what you had to say? I know I have been. It really does feel like you don’t want to be around these kinds of people.

On the contrary, if you are able to show that you can listen and hear what others are saying to you, you will be much more attractive to other people.

10. Eye contact

The tenth tip on how to be more attractive concerns eye contact.

When you talk to other people or when people come to talk to you, make sure you are looking them in the eyes. If you do so, there are more chances of you being perceived as more confident, personable, attractive and likable. This makes eye contact a very important thing to keep in mind when communicating with other people.

11. Being humble

The eleventh tip on how to be more attractive is about being humble.

Some people may have a lot of success and are generally doing very well in life. But unfortunately, their success is often what makes them cocky, arrogant and proud. And while they do deserve all that they have, the way they act about it can be very repelling.

Nobody really likes when others brag about things that not all can have or afford. And if you are thinking of impressing your date by bragging, I suggest you leave that out. Being humble is a great quality and something that people enjoy seeing in others.

Remember, you can be rich and humble at the same time.

12. Be kind

The twelfth tip on how to be more attractive is by being kind to others.

I communicate to a lot of people, by email, phone, in person and through social networks, and it’s very unfortunate that words, such as “good day”, “please” and “thank you” are used so little. In my opinion, when people use these words and act in a polite way, it makes a day and night difference. I am always attracted more to those people that know how to say thank you, as opposed to those that don’t.

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13. Being social

The thirteenth tip on how to be more attractive is all about socializing.

I am by nature an introvert, so for me socializing has always been something that was hard to do. I had to teach and force myself to be more social. The reward for it was well worth it.

By being more social, I gradually became less awkward when talking to others, and that has allowed me to make a better first impression on people. Being social is something that we all must be comfortable with and be able to do when necessary.

14. Be a gentleman (tip for men)

How to Be More Attractive in 15 Steps 2

The fourteenth tip on how to be more attractive is a tip for men.

Hold the door, help your woman take her coat off, give her flowers and compliment the way she looks. These are basics of what it means to be a gentleman. By being more classy and gentle towards other women and your woman especially, you will create a very positive image of yourself.

15. Be open to a different sense of humor (tip for women)

The last tip on how to be more attractive is for women.

Now, ladies, don’t get me wrong. You have a wonderful sense of humor. It’s just that the majority of us, men, don’t. We tend to joke around in silly ways and say some of the most bizarre things that are, in our opinion, hilarious.

I am not saying that you should change your sense of humor for men. What I am saying is that you could be more tolerant towards jokes made by guys.

I have personally witnessed many times how a lady visually expressed with a disgusted face how someone’s joke sucked. But I have also seen ladies smile in a similar situation. Obviously, the second option is more attractive for men. You don’t need to enjoy the weird humor, but you can accept it with a smile.

As the joke goes, “men have a very difficult childhood, especially the first forty years of life.”

Thank you for stopping by and good luck!

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How to Be More Attractive in 15 Steps – Your Must-Have Guide
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