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How to Induce Lucid Dreaming – Your Quick Guide

Not so long time ago I wrote a post on astral projection and lucid dreaming. It was a story of how these phenomena came into my life, and how they are some of the most wonderful and extraordinary things that we, as human beings, can experience. I explained the difference between the two concepts, and what impact they can have on our lives.

However, after finishing the post, I realized that I wrote almost nothing about the techniques of how to induce lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming, just like any other skill, is something that can be learned, improved and mastered with time. This is me talking from experience and from what I have seen in other people.


You Really Think the Internet Today Is Any Better Than the TV?

I was born in the year 1990, which meant that there was not much of internet back then. Of course, computers were already around, but because their capabilities weren’t yet all that great, people didn’t use them for the things they use them now. The internet as we know it today also came around only […]


Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail – Making Them Work

The New Year is approaching, which means it’s time to look back at everything that has happened to us during the year. Take a look at the good things, the bad things, the things we have learned and were able to overcome. Look at the people that we have met and the experiences that we have had. What do you feel?

If you are like most people, you have probably made some New Year’s resolutions last year. Do you remember them all? If so, how did it go? Did you lose weight, learn to play the guitar, meditate 10 minutes every day, started a business, read one book every week, donated to charities, get into a new school, find a job, visited parents more often, joined public speaking classes? How much did you accomplish?


How to Control Emotions Like a Pro – Your Quick Guide

Being of emotional character type isn’t easy. I say this because this is how I felt my whole life, and this is what I observe amongst some of my friends. On the one hand, a life full of vivid emotions is exciting, but on the other hand, it’s like a rollercoaster, like an animal that’s impossible to tame.

Of course, like anything else in life, being emotional has its benefits, but that’s not my focus here today. I am talking about the emotions that lead us to sudden sadness, hate or anger, the unwillingness to hold back destructive words or phrases aimed at others. I am talking about the emotions that get us in trouble at work, at home and out on the streets. These are the emotions that put us into situations that we later regret, that we would have never gotten into, if only we were better at controlling ourselves.


How to Be More Attractive in 15 Steps – Your Must-Have Guide

It’s not a secret that we often get judged by our appearance. The way we look, act, talk and even smell, are the first things through which others will experience us. And while in the long run, people may change their opinion about us towards the better or worse, it can be quite important to make that first positive impression, especially in situations, such as a job interview. In fact, many studies have shown that professionalism is commonly judged by appearance.

Due to the importance of this topic, I have put together a guide of how to be attractive. These are the 15 steps you need to make sure you are taking in order to create a positive image of yourself.