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How to Improve Memory Efficiently – the Beginner’s Guide

How to improve memory is a question that most of us have asked at least once in our lifetime. To be able to remember things fast and then recall them when necessary, is a crucial aspect of life. If you are studying at a college or university, you know how difficult it may be sometimes to remember that colossal amount of information that we are constantly bombarded with.

On the other hand, the need to memorize things doesn’t stop for as long as we are alive. From day one at your new job, you are required to memorize things efficiently. And when you become a parent, not only you have to remember to take care of your own tasks, but also your child’s. Thus, the question of memory never becomes outdated.


Vegetarian – To Be Or Not To Be

Vegetarian, to be or not to be. Before I begin writing about this subject, I must say that everything written here is nothing other than my opinion and experience. I in any way do not look down at people that eat meat, nor do I say that everyone should become a vegetarian. I simply share my experience of being a vegetarian. If somebody finds this story inspirational or amusing at the very least, I would say that time writing this blog post wasn’t wasted.