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Vegetarian – To Be Or Not To Be

Vegetarian, to be or not to be. Before I begin writing about this subject, I must say that everything written here is nothing other than my opinion and experience. I in any way do not look down at people that eat meat, nor do I say that everyone should become a vegetarian. I simply share my experience of being a vegetarian. If somebody finds this story inspirational or amusing at the very least, I would say that time writing this blog post wasn’t wasted.


Exercise and Sports – Life’s First Aid

Today I want to talk a little about physical exercise and the notion of sports in general. As I have already mentioned in my first blog post, my main objective is to inspire others to grow, evolve and develop, while doing the same for myself. My core belief is that in order to become successful in life, whether it is financially, spiritually or in any other way, one must begin by taking care of their body. Even the Bible refers to the body as a temple for the soul that one should honor.