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We at Growth Evolution Development ground want to help, motivate and inspire people, which is why we strive to publish relevant content of top-notch quality. As a consequence, we are always in search of talented authors that are eager to help others and spread the words of wisdom. If you think that you belong to this group of people and have some information that could be of value to the readers of this blog, then you are in the right place. Please keep reading on.

What’s in It for YOU

Giving back and helping others

First and foremost, by sharing your wisdom, you are helping others to grow and become better. As a matter of fact, that is the foundation of this blog. We strongly believe that self-development is not only about “me” and making ourselves better, but also about helping others – people, animals and the world in general. Learn to love and help yourself, but also love and help others.

The exposure of you, your brand and business with the rest of the world

It’s not a secret that it takes time to grow and be noticed on the internet. Which is why it is important to leverage the platforms that already have the readers that you are trying to reach. Writing for others was how this blog started as well.

Moreover, search engines love links that point at your website. The more quality links pointing back to your social networks and website, the more credibility that gives you and your brand. By writing for us, we will share your website and social networks, some of which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YoutTube and Pinterest, with the rest of our community. Also, your head-shot photo and a short bio will be visible for all. By writing for us, we help you get more exposure out there.

When we publish your article, we will share it with our community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Improve your skills and ask for feedback

We love and appreciate those that help us. If you write for us, you get to not only to improve your writing skills, but to also ask for advice, recommendations and tips on how to create articles with interesting topics that will attract more people and be SEO friendly.

Article Submission Process

1. Choose a topic

There are no strict limitations to the topics that you choose to write about. However, please make sure that they are in some way related to self-development and are able to serve the community of the blog. If you are unsure what topics to write about, please check the ones that already have been published on this platform.

Alternatively, feel free to email us and we can help you choose a topic.

2. Send it to us

After having read the guidelines and agreed with them, you can either send us the Word document as an attachment through the form found below or give us a Google docs link, in which your article can be found.

3. Review

We will review your article. If we like it, we will publish it. If not, we will reject it or ask you to make changes. Please don’t take it personally. Different blogs have different standards. Keep in mind that the review process can take several weeks.

Again, if you aren’t sure whether your topic will be accepted or not, feel free to shoot us an email about it.

4. Publishing

If your blog has been accepted, yeey, congratulations! We will most-likely then make minor adjustments to the grammar if needed, and make it SEO friendly. If we don’t make it SEO friendly, then it may be so that your article will never be found through the search engines, and we don’t want that. We want to make sure that people find your content over and over again for many many years to come.

Finally, we will let you know the exact date when your article will be published. We will then share it on our social networks, and we ask you to share it on your social networks and other websites as well.

Terms & Guidelines

Article length

Minimum is 1,000 words.

Original content

Your content must be original. This means that it’s new, it has never been published anywhere else, and if we accept it, it never will be published anywhere else.

No promotions in the article

There must be no promotional links in the article. You are not allowed to promote anything in the article, including yourself and others, your brand or other brands, your products and services, or the products and services of others. We will have a separate section for that in the end your article. It will include your bio, head-shot photo and links.

You can reference scientific sources

If you are making a claim and have scientific evidence to back it up, you can add a link to that source. We encourage this.

Writing style

We love it when you have your own writing style. Just please don’t go extreme and say things that some can find as unacceptable.

We have the right to make adjustments

As already mentioned, we will go through your article and make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Also, adjustments can be made to the title and the content of the article to make it SEO friendly.


If you want to emphasize something in your text, don’t use CAPS, don’t underline and don’t write in bold. Simply italicize. 

We hold the rights

Gedground.com has “free to use” rights to the article forever.

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