The topic of this post is going to be the “Law of Attraction”. Some of you may immediately then ask, what is it? Worry not, I will explain what it is and how you can use it to change your life. But before I get into that, I want to mention that the Law of Attraction is something that has played a very significant role in my life. I also strongly believe that absolutely anyone trying to make their life better must know of the concept and take advantage of it.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Einstein once said that absolutely everything is energy. The body, thoughts and everything we see around ourselves is nothing other than energy. Therefore, any event that we can think of or any state of mind will have its own frequency. If we were to tune our thoughts into the frequency of the event we are after, we would be able to attract it into our life, in theory. We would resonate with that event. Simply put, like attracts like.

The first time I heard of the Law of Attraction was in the book/movie called The Secret. There the concept was greatly simplified, as I later understood, but perfect for even a child to grasp. A lot of what was said in the movie made sense to me, and so I decided to learn more about it.

On its most basic level, the Law of Attraction is learning to control your thoughts in order to attract certain objects or events into your life. Now, despite the name having the word “law” in it, the Law of Attraction does not actually have scientific evidence to prove its validity. In fact, many will say that it is nothing more than a placebo effect, a self-affirmation, and that anyone believing in it is superstitious.

Honestly, I never understood why some people bother so much trying to prove to others that this law doesn’t exist. How can you prove that something does not exist when it’s so abstract and you cannot prove its existence in the first place? It’s like trying to prove that God or ghosts do not exist. Besides, I am totally ok with being superstitious sometimes, because if we were only to live based on what we see or feel, how would we be able to dream so big and believe that we are capable of so much more in life? If we fail to be open-minded, then everything becomes just so… black and white.

law of attraction 2

That being said, I learned about the concept accidentally. Due to certain events in my life, I got interested in esotericism, and as a result, in the Law of Attraction. But unlike the bizarre “lizard people” theory, I think that the Law of Attraction actually makes sense and holds real value for us.
By the way, to understand why I got into esotericism, read about my astral projection/out of body experience here – it’s an interesting story!

How I see it

Ever since I learned about the Law of Attraction, I have been using it in one way or another. As a matter of fact, I have found it to be the foundation for anything majorly positive and large happening in my life. Like they say, every action begins with a thought, with a belief.

In The Secret, they talk about how the Law of Attraction can be used in absolutely any aspect and at any moment of life. There they take it as far as imagining that you will have a free parking space at your work that is only 10 minutes away. The idea is that if you imagine it well enough, it will probably be free. While I constantly use the law in my life, I try not wasting my own energy on events of such small scale. Instead, I use it to constantly fuel the bigger dreams. Nor do I really believe that the universe can react so quickly to your wishes – it’s not like you are speaking with it over the phone!

Nonetheless, I really do believe that this law can be used in absolutely any area of your life, whether it is your physical health, relationships, financial well-being, spirituality or any other.

As I mentioned, I think that you need to be a believer to make real changes in life. You need to be able to trust your gut and to know that you are capable of doing great things. Unfortunately, because some people do see the world as black and white, it prevents them from fully applying the Law of Attraction.

You can think of it this way. Extremely successful people have done things that differentiated them from the rest. They are capable of being in the same circumstances as everyone else, but at the same time, they achieve so much more. But how is this possible? Well, many of them use the law and the power of visualization. They often say that their success is about 20% due to their actions, and 80% due to their mindset. And with the mindset, they mean exactly this – the ability to dream big on a constant basis and to believe in their success with all their heart.

I think it is safe to say that the majority of people don’t even realize that they can dream big. We all have our limiting beliefs that hold us back. We believe that to become rich we would need to be born in a family of millionaires, or that it’s too late to change. In the worse cases, I have had people criticize me for having a vision of a bright future. They tell me that I’m wasting time thinking that way, but they don’t realize how much damage these kinds of thought cause them. Because of the way they see things, the don’t even bother trying to be successful. Instead, they remain motionless while “hating” on other people.

And that’s the big danger with the Law of Attraction – it works both ways! If you believe that you don’t deserve something or that you are not capable of having it, the Universe will do just as you say – it will not allow you to have it! Be careful what you wish for!!!

Coming back to my own story, I want to say that I have witnessed so many of my dreams become real. It is not anymore a question of belief in whether the law exists or not, but rather of am I capable of handling the consequences? Because if you wish, for example, to become rich, and you don’t know “how” you will be able to do it, then don’t be surprised when you get the money, but everything else in your life turns into a nightmare. This is also why it is so important to never focus only on the results, but also on the process of getting to the results.

law of attraction 4

How to use the Law of Attraction

Applying the Law of Attraction requires some work from your side. It requires you to believe in what you want to have and to know that you will have it. Moreover, you cannot just believe in it once, and then expect to see the results in a month’s time. No, this needs become something you do on a daily basis.

The Law of Attraction technique

1. Have the right mindset to begin with.

If you read about some of the most successful people on Earth, they all have a few things in common. They are positive, optimistic, willing to overcome failure and ready to learn more. To be this way throughout the day, they have to reset their mind for success each morning. To help them achieve this, they have their own morning ritual.

A morning ritual is a way to remind yourself of how grateful you are for what the world has already offered you, and for the fact that you are capable of so much more. It is a way to motivate yourself right from the morning in order to positively power your law of attraction visualizations.

If you really want to go deep into creating your own morning ritual, then I always recommend Stefan Pylarinos’s Morning Ritual Mastery course

2. Visualise.

The whole deal with the Law of Attraction is that you will have to visualize your success. Ideally, you would sit down, and think about how you have already become the person you would want to be. You need to feel as if you are already that person. How do you think, walk and act when you have what you want? What were the things that you did to get there? Where will you go and what will you do next? Keep all of these things in mind when you create the visualization of the new you.

If you want to own a big house or a nice car, go and print out an image of your dream house or the car, and hang it on the wall. Look at it daily, and imagine yourself driving that car or living in the house. Imagine how you would place the furniture in your house or how your kids would swim in the pool in the yard. The hanging image on the wall will not only enhance your imagination, but will remind you to do it daily.

One way to know that you are visualizing correctly is when you feel waves of joy. It really does feel like you already have what you desire. The goal is then to get this feeling every time you do the practice. Remember, it is your emotions that will bring the energies together.

3. Meditation.

From experience, it is not always easy to get into the right mindset. The times when my visualization works best is when I do it during or right after meditation.

When meditating, your mind goes into a relaxed state. That is when it is able to perceive things best. There are almost no other thoughts interfering with it and you are not worried about your school, work or kids. Therefore, if you meditate for 15 minutes, spend at least another 5 minutes thinking about your future, and how you are able to have whatever you wish for.

Possible mistakes

1. Quitting too soon.

Many people visualize their success for a week or two, and then give up on it, saying that the law is nonsense and a placebo. Again, you are not ordering pizza over the phone here! It takes time for the Universe to hear you! You are trying to sync up your energy with the energy of another event – it’s a complicated process.

If you are honest with yourself and understand that you are asking for much, then be ready to wait enough time. Ideally, you should practice the Law of Attraction daily for the rest of your life.

In the book written by Jack Canfield – “The Success Principles”, he advises practicing visualization techniques for at least 15 minutes every day. He also explains that some people believe that it should be like a hobby, something you do for an hour each day. It’s up to you how far you want to take it.

2. The visualization is not real enough.

Remember, it is not the words that are important here. It is the feelings and emotions you are experiencing during your visualization practice. If you do it monotonously, without feeling a thing, then it’s pretty much useless. You need to believe in it with all your heart and be happy about it as if you already have everything that you wished for.

3. Not being proactive.

The law is not a science. Therefore, there is no exact schedule of when you can expect to see results. In order to make sure that you are doing your best, go out and take action as well. If you want to meet the love of your life, don’t just sit at home on your sofa visualizing yourself in a relationship, but go out and meet other people as well. Go out and show the Universe that you are serious about it.

4. Asking for money.

Many people will tell you that money is energy that can flow into your life and leave your life just as easily. Because money is not a proper goal in itself, don’t make it your final destination.

Earlier I mentioned that you should be careful what you wish for. Therefore, don’t ask just for money, as you have no idea how the Universe will give it to you. Instead, do it indirectly by asking for a better job, a bigger house, a nicer car, etc. It needs to be something that will either generate you money or needs a lot of money to be bought.

law of attraction 3

5. Don’t use don’t and can’t.

Don’t use the negative in your wishes. The Universe will always leave out the words “don’t” or “can’t”. For example, never say “I don’t ever want to be single in my life again” or “I will never be broke again”. If you say it this way, you will end up concentrating on words such as “single” and “broke”. Instead, say “I am happy with the woman/man of my dreams” or “In my new position I have a good salary”.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to remember when applying the Law of Attraction. This is the reason why I use it only when I know I am ready to take the responsibility and I am going to able to visualize every single day; I use it when it’s really worth it. I also never have any expectations. The best approach is to simply practice and enjoy the process of doing it.

I truly hope that you have found this post useful.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck!

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What Is the Law of Attraction and How to Use It to Achieve Anything You Desire
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